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Enable ACP on a production filer?


I have a client with a FAS3240 cluster.  I noticed he does not yet have ACP enabled.  Can I enable ACP on his filer without causing an interruption?






Yes, but read the documentation and the caveats otherwise it can do some bizarre stuff. Also check the ONTAP version, I think the latest release is the recommendation as there have been some issues with ACP in the past.


Yes Chris,

The last issue on ACP was with DOT 7.3.2.




I would recommend reading up on Bug ID: 403446. According to this, the fix was implemented in 7.3.2P7, and 8.0.1. Which means you would still be at risk running 7.3.2, 7.3.3, 7.3.4 or 7.3.5. It only affects certain configurations, but I'm not sure of your setup, so have a quick look first, I wouldn't want to see you get into trouble.


the 3200 has to be be on or 8.0.1 at delivery, so ACP fixes should be ok.. "options acp.enabled on" on each controller, take all the defaults and then acp will be configured automatically.  Run "storage show acp" after a short while (it takes a bit to discover everything) then confirm you have "full connectivity".. if "partial connectivity" then usually a cabling mistake.  Also, upgrade to the latest acp firmware (in the disk shelf all shelf zip download for /etc/acpp_fw) to the latest 1.20 if the shelves have 1.15..."storage download acp" to immediately update the acp firmware... there is also an IOM update you can put in /etc/shelf_fw if the shelves don't have it... all the latest systems I have installed have the latested acp and iom firmware, but depending on when it shipped, update the firmware on both.