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Can't boot a HA pair with my fas2750


I set up a FAS2750 in my data center,

and shut it down,then move to my customer's data center!

When I cabling all the interconnect port and protocol port(CIFS,and NFS 10Gb port)  and boot the fas2750,

but without cabling the e0M,

I found it can't boot,

and I want ask that if it will not boot without cabling e0M port ?

If yes,why?



e0M shouldn't matter, might not be able to access the mgmt though.


What errors are you seeing on boot? 


Double check that you connected e0a <-> e0a and e0b <-> e0b for the cluster network correctly.   


I cabling all the cluster interconnect to my switch,

So I think it will not any problem,

but the system console show the SP can't boot,

and the interconnect are not reachable


That doesn't sound right...  Is it just a 2 node cluster?    If so,  just connect e0a to e0a and e0b to e0b.   and make sure you are using the correct twinax cabling. 


https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMLP2842666  page 3 opt A . 



Also, you can loop the e0Ms together so they show link lights.  


feel free to post photos or the output from the CLI. 



Hooking to your own switch for cluster interconnects is not supported. I would grab a console cable, or see if the SP is up and ssh into that plugging it in as needed.