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Cannot view all Fc Initiators



I have a customer that cannot see certain initiators on a cmode cluster, whereas another Netapp cmode can list all initiators (both netapp clusters are connected to the same switch and zone). The fabric consists of an mds 9124 and the Netapp clusters all run Ontap 9.3. The customer, although not correct, has a single zone with lots of targets and initiators, so from a zoning persepctive everything can see everything. However,  when you create an igroup only some initiators are present. I created a new svm, offlined the physical port .... running out of ideas


On 7mode you had fc ping, but what command can you run on cmode that will both interrogate initiators and list the initiators, like the user interface does.





vserver fcp ping-initiator   or vserver fcp ping-igroup will work for testing. 


Are they zoned to the physical WWNs or the virtual? 


And the 9124 is older,  ONTAP 9.3 is newer,  is the NXOS version it's running compatiable with 9.3? 

All sorted... Thanks for prompt answer.
The esxi servers required a reboot.
I found the commands you sent which helped.


Always with the reboots Smiley Happy


Glad to hear it.