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Change SMTP Server through CLI


I have a Netapp FAS2040 with 8.1.4 installed on it and I need to change the SMTP server it is currently using for autosupport (we are powering off the old one).  Since I know very little about the CLI I will take whatever assistance I can get to change it.  I have already cruised the support pages, but I need a quick, directed answer.  My OnCommand Manager is not letting me login (working with support on it), else I would change it there.  If anyone has a quick set of commands to first view, then change the server to our new server, I would be ever so greatful. 


Also, does the SMTP server have to be an IP Address, or can it be a fully qualified domain name of a server?  I don't care either way, I just want to know.  Thanks everyone in NetappVille!



options autosupport


will give you the list of autosupport options, the autouspport.mailhost option is the smtp server.


if the name listed isn't in DNS, it may be in the host file on the filer


rdfile /etc/hosts


if the entry is in there, you can either change the autosupport options directly or update the hosts file.