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Changing HDS AMS disk model type



We have a V3020 in front of an HDS AMS 1000. This presents itself to the V3020 as model DF700. The AMS has, up until now ,only been used by the V3020.

We have a requirement to change the model type, in the AMS itself, to DF600, to support a Windows host (don't ask).

The V3020 can certainly see the AMS' model type of DF700....

storage show disk -T

DISK                  SHELF BAY SERIAL           VENDOR   MODEL      REV TYPE
--------------------- --------- ---------------- -------- ---------- ---- ------
col-9509-1:1-13.129L0   -    -  75806210906      IBM      2107900    0000 LUN
col-9509-2:1-13.129L1   -    -  75806210907      IBM      2107900    0000 LUN
col-9509-2:1-13.129L2   -    -  75806210908      IBM      2107900    0000 LUN
col-9509-1:3-24.121L2   -    -  770117660002     HITACHI  DF700      0000 LUN
col-9509-2:3-24.121L3   -    -  770117660003     HITACHI  DF700      0000 LUN
col-9509-1:3-24.121L4   -    -  770117660004     HITACHI  DF700      0000 LUN

My question is, if we shutdon the V3020, changed the AMS model type to DF600, then restart the V3020, will it still recognise and claim these LUNs, even though the model type will have changed?

My primary concern is that we don't lose the data stored on these LUNs.

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The two options on the AMS for ProductID are DF700 or DF600F, not DF600.  These are documented in the V-Series Implementation guide for HDS located on NOW.

Switching between DF700 and DF600F is not something we formally test.  However, I have done this several times without issue and yes, the data will remain on the array LUNs.  If I recall correctly, I believe changing the array ProductID will cause the array to reboot also.

You should shut down the V-Series controllers prior to switching the ProductID on the array. 



Thanks Steve.

We finally got the same confirmation from HDS late yesterday.

- Dean



In your experience, do you remember if the HDS AMS Disk Sub-system was powr cycled after the change?

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Its been a while since I did this, but I do recall the array reboot when the ProductID was changed. 


Hi Dean,

Could you let me know your experiences (good or otherwise) running the V series in front of the HDS AMS 1000?

We have the same HDS and are looking at all the different vendor solutions we can use to eliminate the limitations of the AMS (lack of thin provisioning etc).




V-Series + AMS arrays expands the usefulness of the array as you describe.  The Array may not support thin provisioning.  But using a V-Series with the array does support NetApp thin provisioning. 

This same logic also applies to say heterogeneous replication between array tiers or array vendors.  If you have a HDS AMS array and want to replicate to another vendor array, you can install V-Series at each location and use NetApp SnapMirror for replication.