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Cluster Failover error


Hi all, question about an error we're seeing.  We have a FAS3020c, it had been offline for a while and I am getting it set back up and configured under our new network.

It has the error "Cluster failover partner unknown. Cluster failover not possible."  I don't really know what this is, but I'm guessing it's the second half of an active/active config.  It may have been at one point connected to the other filer, but now it's a standalone and will be reconfigured as such.  Through the web console I saw that Clustering was disabled (Cluster disabled.  VIA Interconnect is down (link 0 down, link 1 down)).  I also turned off SnapMirror, but the error persists.  Any thoughts or suggestions how to resolve this?




Per the sysconfig guide the nvram has to be moved between slots for cluster on non cluster on the 3020. Sloy 3 if clustered ad slot 1 if not clustered.

Also. If not clustered anymore, "license delete cluster" from the cli and reboot. And also at the cfe> firmware prompt also type "unsetenv partner-sysid" to remove the partner


iPhone typos. Slot 1 for nvram if standalone and not clustered.


nvram is already in slot 1...

Will the "license delete cluster" actually delete the license or the ability to cluster it again in the future?


It won't lose the ability to cluster later... to cluster later, "license add xxxxxx" to re-add the license, reboot... and move NVRAM to slot 3.  You may still need to "unsetenv partner-sysid" from the CFE> prompt (ctrl-c to break the boot) since that setting can still make it think it is a cluster... if you cluster again it will repopulate automatically from the partner.