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Convert a volume rw to dp




I am new on netapp system, I am try to covert a volumen rw to a dataprotection type to used it as mirror of another volumen, but I don't know how do it or if it is posible.

and I have another question Whe you delete a snapmirror relationship, what means de option: " Ok Release the base Snapshot copies of the reationship on the source volume. If you do not select this option, you need to go to ONTAP CLI on the source side to release later"


Thanks in advance.



What version of ONTAP are you using?

What kind of relationship are you using, is it SnapMirror XDP?

What you are trying to achieve with converting your volume to DP, are you trying to reverse SnapMirror replication back?


That'll be great if you'll draw your replication schema and post the image here.