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Good Morning,

     We currently have FAS3170's for our production cluster and we just purchased a 2240 for our test environment.  In addition to the new SAN we are also adding host to our test environment.  With all of these changes going on, I am trying to figure out the best approach to moving our data off of our old EVA and moving it to the new test SAN (2240).

We do not have Storage vMotion in our test environment so I am going to have to shut each system down and move the data, I'm just wondering if there are more efficient methods of doing so.






One option would be to use the NetApp SAN Heterogeneous Data Migration service - http://www.netapp.com/us/solutions/professional/san-data-migration.html.

Another popular option would be a host-based copy using these utilities: rsync, securecopy, robocopy,  etc.


The Data Migration Appliance may be a good solution, especially if your NetApp's are using the FC protocol.  It sounds like we are talking about primarily VMware virtual machines in this instance.  I recommend obtaining a VMware evaluation license which will include the Storage vMotion compoent.  Use this license to migrate the storage (and convince yourself it's worth paying for) then re-apply your old licensing when you are done.  Let me know if you require assistance with the Eval Licenses.


We used a product called Double-Take to move our production data from an EMC CX-3 to our FAS 3140.  You may not need something that robust for test, but take a look at it.


Hi Mark,

If you are looking data migaration from SAN (eva) to netapp, then please use the netapp DTM softeare or sancopy to copy the lun data from one storage to another.


You have another option to migrate the data from host side. Keep ready the zoning for host and netapp. Give the same size of lun from netapp. map the lun to host ( make the file system like lvm/vxvm or windows) to copy the data from host side from eva lun to netapp lun.

Thank you.

Bhola Gond