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Default Password for FAS 2020


I am a Marine who is currently deployed. My shop recently brought up a fairly new FAS 2020 out of storage, but we do not have the password to get into it. If anyone could please point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated. Thank you.



There is no default password so if nothing doesn't work, there's a password set and you'll need to do a password recovery.

You'll need a console connection to the controller, on power-up it will prompt you to press CTRL-C for special commands or maint. mode or something to that effect.  Do so when you see that message.

You will then boot into a 1-5 menu.  Option 3 is change the password.  It won't require knowledge of the old one.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the ctrl + c tip that worked for me! 


While The previous poster is correct, since this is a new (to you) system, I would recomend doing option 4A from that same propmt.  This will wipe out any previos data on the disks and once it is done will drop you in to a prompted setup for the FAS2020.

Good luck.

If you use snapdrive it may be possible to connect as snapdrive useraccount and password and rest the root password.  If not, go with the password rest as described by Mr Fox.  I have done this twice before on production systems without issue.


While on a training course, I once heard an interesting tail about the guy (Marine) secures a filer when operation in the field.  "I post two armed guards and tell them to keep everyone away by 1st asking nicely then shooting them if they persist!" ~ Sweet

Good luck with your deployment and keep your head down...



If you do that, be sure to get your license keys as they will need to be re-installed as well after a 4a. Either get them with the license command or calling NetApp support who should be able to find them from the system serial number.

-- Adam Fox


As every one mentioned in this thread there is no password set as part of factory setting. If you are the one who ran the setup during the intial boot process you would have set the password during that time. Try to recollect those steps if you cant, then only option for you is Ctrl+C during boot and chose the option to change the password.