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Determining Disks Per Aggregate


What are some good guidelines for determining how many disks should be in each aggregate? 




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That's not a short answer subject.


Minimum for RAID-DP is 5 disks, for RAID4 it's 3.

That wouldn't give you very good disk utilization.


Max disk #s depend on the controller platform.


Default RAID group sizes for DP are 14 and 16 for SATA and SAS/FC disks.

In general you want to build your aggrs with equal sized RAID groups and not stray too far from the default RAID group sizes...


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Ok thanks.  So there has got to be some process of balancing the space capacity required on a given aggregate with the performance capacity required, factoring in the IOPs available from each disk and the space provided by them.  I'm trying to get a high level view of how someone would work through this process and come up with a number?  Any other factors to consider?