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Disk failure in Netapp


Hi Guys,

we received an alert for disk failure on one of our netapp box with below details. I checked from system manager and found the disk status is Un-owned. just want to know what does this un-owned stands for. is the disk replaced or its corrupted.

There are one or more failed disks.

Disk on adapter 2b, shelf 15, bay 16, failed.





Un-owned simply means that the disk has not been assigned by software based ownership. Each system has a unique id and when a disk is added it gets assigned to a system. In some cases because of configuration or whatnot a disk will not be assigned and will show the status you mentioned. You can use the command 'disk assign <disk id>' and assign it to the system that you would like.

If you have a system with mixed drive types (FC & SATA) then you probably want to assign disks manually. But if you have a system of dedicated disks you can enable the option 'disk.auto_assign' to automatically add disks when added.

Having a disk unassigned doesn't hurt the system and it's not a bad thing by any means.



Maybe the un-owned disk is a bad disk,  but it can not show "failed", for example some logical error or bad block.


Jiuling Xu