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Disks, aggregates and raidgroups using DS4324



We have a FAS3210 with 3 DS4243 for a total of 72 disks. The disks are 450GB.

It will be used for VMware over NFS and CIFS for multiple customers using vfilers.

We will be running 8.1RC2 (for now)

Would I benefit from dividing the disk shelfs equally between the two controllers in the FAS3210?

I would gain the cache and CPU from controller 2. I would loose the benefit of writing to all disks at once and I would need more spares.

How would you do it?

And how big would you make the aggregate and raidgroups?

If I put all disks on one controller how would you design the agg/rgs?




If you put all disks to one controller you lose high availability. Partner must be up and running to perform takeover and to be up and running it must have at least root volume.


Hi and welcome to the Community!

You can have so called 'active/passive' setup, but as already said you need allocate some disks to the 'passive' controller as well (minimum three). These type of conversations, however, we normally had with small systems with 12 disks only, where usable capacity can be maximised with this approach.

In your case I would split disks more or less evenly between both controllers.