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FAS 2040 w/ new motherboard, cannot netboot due to socket error


I just received a replacement motherboard for a FAS2040 due to problems with the interfaces.  I installed the new motherboard fired up FAS 2040 and the loader> prompt came up.  I configured the interface e0a with IP, subnet and gateway.  I also installed SolarWinds TFTP server on my laptop and downloaded the netboot file for DataOnTap 7.3.3.  I started the TFTP server and entered the netboot command as follows...

loader> netboot$/TFTP-Root/733_netboot.exe

I expected it to connect and boot but after about a minute it came back with an error.  Could not load$/TFPT-Root/733_netboot.exe: Socket is not connected *** command status =  -39.  What does this mean and how can I fix it.  I just want to boot it up and do the setup and install the data ontap.  Please help me here.  I am fairly new to the NetApp gear.  I appreciate any and all help.



The system is trying to use the http.

So configure the http server on you rlaptop and use the bloow commands to comfigure the IP and netboot process.

Manually configure the connection by entering the following command at the boot

loader prompt>ifconfig e0a -addr=filer_addr -mask=netmask -gw=gateway -dns=dns_addr -domain=dns_domain


Enter the following command:netboot http:// webserver.com / file_path / netboot_file_name

Or USE TFTP Command as below :

netboot tftp:// webserver.com / file_path / netboot_file_name