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Replacing FAS 2040R5 Controller


To Experts,

Following are the  errors I encountered upon replacing a  FAS 2040 Controller,

Upon autoboot  of the newly replaced controller I got the following error

    * Autoboot of primat_image failed. File not found (-18)

Then I performed the follow steps in-order to bring the controller up

1. First performing boot_diags on loader results into following error

LOADER-B> boot_diags

Could not load fat://boot0/X86/diag/kernel fat://boot0/X86_ELF/diag/diag.krn: Fi le not found

2. Secondly i tried performing a netboot using tftp server, it results into following error

LOADER-B> netboot tftp://

Loading Timeout occured Could not load tftp:// Timeout occured

*** command status = -21

The reason i am doing this is to boot into maintenance mode and get the system id, and  reassign those disks again.

on the other hand,on test basis i ran this command

LOADER-B> boot_primary

Could not load fat://boot0/X86/freebsd/image1/kernel fat://boot0/X86_ELF/kernel/

primary.krn: File not found

*** command status = -18

All it reports is kernel error

Please advise a way forward



Please refer to the thread https://communities.netapp.com/message/53080#53080