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FAS 3020c migration to new domain.



we are currently building a new AD domain on windws 2008 r2. We migrated the SID history to the new domain and so every user can still access all his CIFS shares. Now we have come to the point where we are thinking of a smooth way to move the filers to the new domain.  Moving the filer can be achieved via cifs setup, but does this also take care of migrating the security information for files? In the new domain we will have the same group names but of course different SID's.

Has anyone done this before and could give me a hint on how to achieve a smooth migration? One of my colleagues is very good in Powershell maybe he can write a script to lookup the SID from old to new domain...




Did you ever figure out an easy way to move filers to the new domain? 

I'm doing something kind of similar, but instead moving my filers to a top level domain instead of the child, to allow for both children to use cifs.