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FAS 3200 Metro Cluster Config rules


I looked at the FAS3200 Specs and found the note that DS14 Shelfs should be used when running Metro Cluster.

As I couldn't find on Netapp Tech-Library any details on what to prevent when configuring this.

So can soeone describe and draw me a detailed pictore of how the config has to look when using a FAS3200 in Metro Cluster over 2 Datacenters.

Especially what has to be looked at, if we plan to also run SAS based drives in the 3200 and replicate them through Metro Cluster?

Are there special Adapters required dor the SAS Drives?

Can they be used for Replicated Data?



I asked a similar question some time ago http://communities.netapp.com/message/26732#26732

Looks NetApp is still working on giving support for SAS shelfs with MetroCluster

I understand it is already up in a lab but we will have to wait for it for some time. I wish we could hurry this up...


A Metrocluster with a FAS3200 really isn't any different than other NetApp controller models.  Take a look at the Best Practices for MetroCluster Design and Implementation Guide:




Thanks for your respone. i've discovered this paper on Netapps Library, but is was written in Feb this year and I normally understand the concept of Metro Cluster.

But What I specifically aould liek to know is, if when locally attached SAS Disks will be used, if the also can be used for Replication through the Filer and SyncMirror to the opposite Filer and the other sides SAS Disks.

I don't beleive that this will work, but it's not mentioned anywhere.

I just want to save money and use the cheaper disks and shelfs insted the old fashioned FC/SATA DS14.