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How long does it take to initalize 24-2tb drives for a FAS3140


Hi, I have been running the drive initalize (4a option) for 6 hours.  Does anyone have an estimate on how long this takes or how to view status.  Serial connected and progress is only showing .....?  Thank in advance



I've initialized a few big systems, and I wouldn't think it shouldn't take that long.

You're not seeing any err messages ? Progress is showing ?

Maybe patience is a virtue ?

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You should have received an estimate number of minutes to complete the initialization at the start of that process.. I believe the 2TBs take about 6 hrs (should not matter how many drives there are since they occur in parallel). I am a bit surprised that you've been running it for over 6 hrs and it is still going..


Thanks to all for the replies.  The process took 7 hours.