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FAS 3240 setup - no prompts for setup


I have just started up FAS 3240. to get it set up.  It has 2 shelves connected to it and we have connected the shelves by SAS cables.  I have started the fas 3240 and on the console it boots up with boot loader version 3.2 and displays the ontap version which is v8.0.2 7-mode.  Thens ends up with ctrl-c for boot menu.  Then after few seconds it reboots itself again.   It doesnt prompt for any setup information like name, ip address etc.  Part of the boot process it mentions the storage and target adapters found.   But is there any reason why the it does not prompt for any setup information, which i though it would prompt automatically.  Is there anything i need to do.

Any ideas.

All cables are cabled in correctly.



I have more questions than answers   But in a case like this, I would boot to maintenance mode and make sure I can see all disks and that disks are assigned to each node.  Then determine if ONTAP is on disk... if not then you can zero the drives and it will bring up the setup script after that (make sure you don't have data on the disks).


I have a related question, the Ctrl-C boot menu changed; I used to select 4a, now I have these choices.

Please choose one of the following:

(1) Normal Boot.
(2) Boot without /etc/rc.
(3) Change password.
(4) Clean configuration and initialize all disks.
(5) Maintenance mode boot.
(6) Update flash from backup config.
(7) Install new software first.
(8) Reboot node.
Selection (1-8)?

I chose (4) and now system is initializing, will see tomorrow if it create root?  I could not find any information regarding the changes.  I installed a 3170/HA evaluation unit with new 4243 24x1tb drives.  Drives were unassigned, I could not determine if root was on any, I assigned 12 drives to each filer and then rebooted, could not find root?

Sorry to jump in 



Earlier in ontap 7 we have the option 4 for traditional root volume and 4a for flexible root volume (this also creates the aggr). From Ontap 8 you can no more create a tradtitional volumes. so please proceed with teh options 4 if you are reinstalling. If you got the new system and you are installing it forst time. just use the option 1. This will load the ONTAP automatically as the system comes with preloaded OS.

Hope this helps.




yes, option 4 will zero the disk and start the setup.  Thx



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