ONTAP Hardware

Hung Controller BIOS



I have read other posts on this subject and tried their solutions to no avail except for reflashing the BIOS which they do not want to do at this time.

Condition: Controller A does not boot as shown thru a serial connection, Controller B is fine. NVMEM is not protected

Investigation: BMC reports the BIOS is in a Hung state, rear NVMEM LED steady Orange

Steps Taken: Powered off NetApp, removed controller, then battery, waited ~ 20 seconds and re-installed - no change

                    Reset the controller to boot off the backup BIOS - no change

                    Verified battery state thru BMC - ready

                    Sensor reports show no abberations

After the reset, 'system show' reports the BIOS in an Unknown state and then transitions to a Hung state

Accessing controller A thru the browser correctly states it has been taken over by 'B'

If a reflash is the next to last resort (last being RMA) please on the procedures.

Thank-you - I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere



i recommend you to open a case and let ngs help you on that.

i believe reflashing is the only way to fix this. it wont be harmful to ur alive head.


Looks like you need to RMA the Controller


You can give it a try and pull it out and reseat it after waiting for 10 secs. With ab it of luck it gets past the error. Otherwise see above.