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FAS 3270 vs FAS 3170



This is our summary: We have a 3170 and we want to replace this with 3270 or better. Sometimes, when we check "sysstat" on 3170 we see 80% under CPU tab. We have an opportunity to replace 3170 to 3270 with additional 2*1TB PAM cards.

I have three questions.

First of all, do we have CPU bottleneck according to sysstat result?

Second, If we have a CPU bottleneck, it seems FAS3270 and FAS3170 has similar CPU specifications. Ddoes 3270 is an ideal solution, or thinking about 6000 series can be better?(Sure it is, but budget is important).What do you think about this

And third, is there any other important question to ask about this replacement which we must think about.

I know these are not easy-to-answer questions, but we need additional information to decide.




Are you using "sysstat -m" to check the CPU?  The default sysstat will not show you the true, per CPU stats, only the most heavily utilized CPU.

Unless you see all of your CPUs/cores at 80%, a single one at 80% is nothing to worry about.

- Scott


I think, we use systat only, without -m. I will check using "sysstat -m" under daily workload tomorrow.