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FAS202 Licensing




I have one FAS2020 system, it is new, but it was in warehouse for last 6-7 years.


We pull it out, connect to the network and now we need the license. Licences was bought with device, but device was never activated.


What is the best way to get the licences?


I trided through licensing portal, but I need to provide info about reseller (distibuter), it's name on NetAPP system, contact details etc. We don't have taht info because devices bought 6-7 years ago.


Br, Mate  





I assume that you know the system serial number


you can create a non technical case for this. Please follow the procedure below:


1.) Visit the "Onsite Assistant Feedback Tool" on the Support Site site by clicking http://support.netapp.com/eservice/assistant
2.) Select the problem category that best describes your request (Do NOT click on SUBMIT A CASE as this will take you directly into SAP.) Instead choose a category under Service & Support.
3.) Free-form type your request details in the "Comments Box" and "Submit". A case will be created in SAP and you will be provided with the case number.

Important Note:

By selecting the category "Service contracts>Service contract data discrepancies," "Contact Updates," etc., a case will be created and routed to the SCA team.
By selecting most other categories, a case will be created and routed to the Support Site Admin Team.


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