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FAS2020 no license keys



I bought a NetApp on eBay. It is an FAS2020 with NetApp Release 7.3.7


At the moment I do not have license keys for CIF or NFS. Thus, the NetApp is unusable. How do I get these keys? The NetApp Support phone said I should update to version ONTAP. 8 However, I did not have access to downloads in my netapp profile.


Can anybudy help me please!





a) FAS2020 cannot be upgraded to ONTAP 8.x - last version working on this machine is 7.3.7

b) license keys - official way is to get them from the previous owner. Support won't help you as the system is not under support contract (not sure whether or not they even "see" systems out-of-support in their system). Maybe your local NetApp representative can dig in their system and find the licences (no one other than NetApp and the original customer knows the set of licenses bound to this system - it is possible it was sold with FCP/iSCSI only - I am not sure when "all protocols for entry level systems" policy started)