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FAS2020A was flooded with water - how to save data from discs?




One of the clients of our company got trouble - the server room was flooded with water.  


It so happened that the water poured on the rear panel of FAS2020A system - this is one "head" with 12 1TB SATA drives 3.5 ", which was installed by me for this client about two years ago. This data storage was connected to several servers via NFS protocol. Firmware on both controllers is 7.3.2. Autosupport was not turned on.  


When the server room was first opened, all of the equipment no longer worked and was de-energized. Likely scenario was as follows - some time after the entry, water is short-circuited the air conditioner, which is why electric power was switched off of the server room. However, the storage system continued to work on its own APC Smart UPS to which it was connected (1500VA or 3000VA, do not remember exactly).  


From the words of the local IT personnel one of the storage power supplies apparently burned, as it has characteristic odor. They pulled controllers, power supplies and hard drives of the storage system. Controllers and power supply units had water, so they do not take the risk to turn the storage on again, even after a few days.  


However, disks had no water at all, which gives hope that information on them survived.  


What can be done in this situation to try to save the data? The client evaluates the data as very important.  


Fortunately, our distributor has promised to give us FAS2020A chassis with controllers and power supplies, which is in the demo operation. One might try to go to insert discs in it, insert compact flash from the old controllers into the new controllers and turn the storage on.  


However, I'm not sure what sequence of actions here would be the best and what can there be complications.   Can anyone have a similar experience?


Thanks in advance and sorry for my broken English.





Access to all data has been successfully recovered.


If anyone needs procedure I used, just let me know.