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FAS2050 Shelf Options


I currently have a FAS2050 with two heads running DataOnTap  It's connected to a DS14-AT shelf.  We're at a point where we're going to need more storage, but might not have enough capital for a new controller, so I'm looking around for DS4243 shelves.  I know that this is a SAS shelf that will need a new HBA on our controllers.  My question is if I can run both the DS14 via SFP fiber and the DS4243 via SAS at the same time.  My intention would be to eventually move everything off the DS14 entirely, given I can make the DS4243 big enough.

Also, is there a specific part number for the SAS HBA?  I can't seem to find any on the Netapp website.



Hi Steve,

You'd be looking for this HBA for your FAS2050's:

2p 3Gb SAS, PCIeX2062A-R6

You'll need MiniSAS-QSFP cables for controller to shelf connections.

Part NoBeginEndLengthDescription
X6543A-R6miniSASQSFP2mCable,miniSAS Cntlr-Shelf,2m
X6544A-R6miniSASQSFP5mCable,miniSAS Cntlr-Shelf,5m

The Hardware Universe is a handy place to look all this up.


I'd upgrade your systems to 7.3.7P2 for the best stability and performance.