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FAS2240 : Broken disks replaced by new ones do not go to spare disk pool



I have a FAS2240 with release 8.2.4P4 7-Mode with the following RAID DP configuration
1 disk parity
1 disk dparity
8 disks data
2 disks broken (0a.00.2 and 0a.00.4) => No more spare disks


I swapped the broken disks with new ones coming from another unused FAS2240 and ran the commands :

# disk assign 0a.00.4 -s unowned –f
# disk assign 0a.00.4
# Thu Feb 25 13:51:43 CET [NAS-cluster9-CTRL1:raid.assim.rg.missingChild:error]: Aggregate foreign:aggr0, rgobj_verify: RAID object 0 has only 1 valid children, expected 10.
Thu Feb 25 13:51:43 CET [NAS-cluster9-CTRL1:raid.assim.plex.missingChild:error]: Aggregate foreign:aggr0, plexobj_verify: Plex 0 only has 0 working RAID groups (1 total) and is being taken offline
Thu Feb 25 13:51:43 CET [NAS-cluster9-CTRL1:raid.assim.mirror.noChild:ALERT]: Aggregate foreign:aggr0, mirrorobj_verify: No operable plexes found.
Thu Feb 25 13:51:43 CET [NAS-cluster9-CTRL1:raid.assim.tree.foreign:error]: raidtree_verify: Aggregate aggr0 is a foreign aggregate and is being taken offline. Use the 'aggr online' command to bring it online.
Thu Feb 25 13:51:43 CET [NAS-cluster9-CTRL1:raid.assim.tree.dupName:notice]: Duplicate aggregate names found, an instance of foreign:aggr0 is being renamed to foreign:aggr0(1).


# aggr status
Aggr State Status Options
aggr0(1) failed raid_dp, aggr diskroot, lost_write_protect=off
aggr0 online raid_dp, aggr root

I was expecting that these new disks would automatically be part of aggr0 and would become spare disks.
That's not the case.
What is wrong in that procedure?

Thanks a lot for your help.



Can you stick the disks back in the old 2240 and remove ownership? You need to wipe the disks as they think they are part of the other aggregate. If not, you'll have to go through quite a bit of steps to get it to wipe the disks to use as spares.


If you need help, you might be able to open a P1 case if this is a business outage. I make no promises though.


Thank you Paul for your reply.

Would you point me a procedure to wipe out the disks when replaced in the unused Netapp?

Sorry, I'm not familiar with such operation.

Is it something like this https://www.pickysysadmin.ca/2012/04/19/how-to-securely-erase-your-data-on-a-netapp/

Or is there a simpler way to do it?






Use the (privilege: advanced) disk remove_ownership command.