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FAS2240 performance monitoring


Hi NetApp Community,


We'd like to view the Disk Reads over time on our FAS2240.  I see the rudimentary I/O Throughput graph in OnCommand System Manager (see below)... but I'd like a better look at this, and the ability to capture history and the like.


How does one normall go about this using NetApp tools?




io throughput.png



OnCommand Performance Manager is the way to go for Clustered Data ONTAP, but it doesn't support 7-mode (you can still use OnCommand Unified Manager Core but the performance graphs are lacking).  For realtime (and some historical) graphing, the Graphana/Harvest tool is very nice (and works with both cDOT and 7-mode), albeit a bit harder to configure.  Both are free options, just look under your Downloads on the Support site and follow the documentation for installation help.  Of course if you have a heterogeneous enviroment with other vendor's storage (EMC, HP, IBM, etc.) or need more advanced data analysis and reporting, OnCommand Insight is great but definitely NOT free.