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FAS2240 with DS14 MK4 disk shelves and cDOT.


Hardware Universe shows the FAS 2240 supports the DS14 Mk4 disk shelf and cDOT.

How is this achived as to use the DS14 shelf the mezzanine slot needs to have FC in it but it also needs to have the 10Gb ethernet.

I have a single chassis pair of 2240s which have FC ports in the mezzanine slots but there is nowhere to add the 10Gb interfaces.

Have I missed something?



I forgot we used to run into this... a choice of 2x 8Gb FC or 2x 10GB NICs... when 10Gb, you can't add FC shelves... have to go SAS.  To go FC then you need to go with the onboard 1Gb ports.


Will cDOT use the on board 1Gb ports for the cluster interconnect?


For cDOT we need the 10Gb for cluster... so can't do FC on it... 1Gb works for a lab setup but the hwu shows only supported connections are e1a/e1b on the mezz card.


That's the way I understood it so I'm a little confused why Hardware Universe show FAS2240 with DS14 Mk4 shelves and cDOT is a supported config.

Is there anywhere to report errors in Hardware Universe?

Single node cluster is still an option ...


The hardware universe is missing a note I found in other documentation:


FAS2240 Supported configurations

The FAS2240 is supported for FC only in single-node configurations using the X1150A-R6 FC adapter. FAS2240 single-node FC configurations cannot be joined to other nodes in a cluster. To join the single node to a cluster, you must remove the FC adapter and replace it with the 10-Gb Ethernet adapter required for the cluster interconnect. iSCSI is supported for both single-node and multi-node clusters.


So you can't use the DS14 series FC shelves with cDOT, as you have to have at least (1) 10Gbps port per node for cDOT.