ONTAP Hardware

FAS2554 e0a and e0b LACP bond


Good Morning


We have purchsed 1 x FAS2554 for our primary side and 1 x FAS2554 for our DR side, the set-up will be active\passive with all services running out of the primary side and DR will only be active in case of a DR.


Our primary side has a 10GB network so the plan is to connect 4 ports (2 per controller) to the 10GB and have CIFS and NFS traffic channel via the 10GB infrastructure with e0a and e0b ports connected to the 1GB network and just be used for mgmt.


On the DR side we dont have a 10GB network so my question is am I able to bond e0a and e0b together and use the bond for CIFS\NFS and mgmt traffic?