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FAS2650 Initial Setup


I'm looking for some insight into the Netapp world and how to initially setup a FAS2650 (one controller) and two DS4246 shelves (24 SAS).   While I've read through the manual, I don't have a clear idea of the best "real world" configuration to undertake using the equipment I've been allocated.  To give some insight, this NETAPP storage will be supplying VMs OS and DATA; while there will also be a requirement for physical and virtual machines to use the same DATA (e.g. syslog, FTP) via NFS, iSCSi.    



Hi Shawn,


Thanks for this post with additional information. As this is a single controller implementation, the first thing to consider is aggregate configuration.



The 2 x DS4246 contains 48 drives. Allowing two drives spare, I would create an aggregate of 2 x 22 disk RAID-DP RAID groups. I would call it aggr1sas600ext


If the FAS2650 chassis contains additional disks, they should be in their own aggregate - maybe aggr1sas600int


Once underlaying RAID and aggregates are setup, then you setup port channels, IPs and VLANs.


I would create at least three SVMs - one for log data (svmLOG), one for iSCSI (svmBlock) and one for VMs.


On each VM, you setup storage protocols - NFS and iSCSI based on your description. Then define which hosts can access each protocol.


All of this can be done via the built in web-based GUI - OnCommand System Manager.


Other things to look at are snapshot schedules, and our training courses at http://learningcenter.netapp.com


Hope this helps!