ONTAP Hardware

FAS3210 Power down and Power on procedures via SP


I need to shutdown FAS3210 for a day and looking for the steps. I read few posts saying that cf disable and halt will shutdown via ssh.


What are the procedures to shutdown via SP console?




From the SP, use the "system console" command to connect to the console, then log into ONTAP.  From there the process is the same as it would be over ssh.  

7-mode (repeat on each controller):

halt -f

cDOT (halts the entire cluster):

halt * -inhibit-takeover true -skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true -ignore-quorum-warnings true


That should leave the systems at the LOADER prompt.  After the maintenance event if its still sitting at the loader:


Repeat on each node, wait for things to settle, then run config advisor to check for anything unexpected. 


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