ONTAP Hardware

FAS3240 and QLE2464 card


Where would I find if a QLE2464 4-port FC iniitiator card is compatibile with my FAS3240?

Also, why does a filer require a reboot when changing FC port type?





I guess the easy answer is just to call your local NetApp rep.  I'm sure they can get you a card.

The reboot is necessary probably for software/firmware changes to the onboard "card" and perhaps to initiate some driver subsystems.  You are sort of adding a new card and for most any OS, that means attaching drivers. This is all just a guesstimate from the outside.  I guess this is something that could change over time with the ONTap 8.x kernel assuming one really felt the need to develop on-board hardware that could be powered down.  It's not a very common task, but sort of a pain when it has to be done.


Is this card currently in a system?  if so you can get the NetApp part number with the sysconfig -ca command.  Otherwise, you'll need to use Parts Finder (under Technical Assistance) to search for the card to get the part number.

Once you have the part number, use the System Configuration Guide to determine if the card is compatible - https://now.netapp.com/NOW/knowledge/docs/hardware/NetApp/syscfg/