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to snap to copy to mirror to clone


Hello all,

Following on from my last post,

I have now created my aggrigate and need to migrate some data in the form of volumes to this new aggrigate.

I have been sifting through mountains of documentation pertaining to

snap mirror

vol copy

snap clone.

agg copy

wow my head is spinning.

What i am trying to achieve is movement of my volumes in their entirity to this now aggrigate that i deamed to be there in my design. I would love to achieve this while they are on-line especialy as they are 90% Exchange CCR disks.

Can someone from the netapp depths come to my rescue befor my eyes start bleeding.

Thanks all in advance



Hi Scott,

I've been down this path before and have tried various options....

but the easiest way is to create SM volumes....

These are the steps I use:

Pre Rollout:

create _SM volume on the new AGGR

creat SM relationship to this new _SM volume


Qisece the SM relationship

Breat off the Mirror relationship

Take the original volume offline

Delete the original volume

Rename the _SM volume to the original name

Create new share for the volume.

hope this helps.


HI Augenworth,

Thanks for the prompt reply,

The histoory

The volumes originally came from the EVa and were copied via the client host to netapp "ROBOCOPY" the the original volume/lun in the eva world was deleted. this all stemed from the implementation of the Vseries "halo, praies, we love it"

the EVA has now been connected to he V-series and new disks created ad presented. When these volumes were created in the first place they were not created as mirror sources as they are part of a CCR Mail cluster.

Does this matter?

if not are you saying i just need to create the destination snap mirror volume and create a relationship between the original and new volume on the same filer and bobs your aunty?????


Hi Scott,

Doesen't matter where the data came from aslong as it is in a NetApp volume you can mirror it to another volume in a different AGGR.

If you have many volumes to move then I would use protection manger.

The best thing about mirroring you can do the pre rollout work weeks before the cutover this gets all data in place and  the cutover only takes minutes...

BTW are you in NS?


BTW are you in NS?

nsw or North Sydney yes & yes

i am reviewing the snapmirror document at the moment. I thought it would only work accross filers.


awesome I'm just up the road in NS  - Genworth building.....

SM works on the same filer between AGGRs...

if you need any more info mate jus send me a private message ....

cheers and have a great day!