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FAS3250 Move/setup


Hi all,


I'm brand new to Netapp systems. Recently have had to move a cluster composed of 2 FAS3250s, a DS4246 and a DS2246 to a new rack. I've ensured everything was plugged back together as it was best I can. I can SSH into each device individually, but can't log into the web UI. (Verified the user I connected as via SSH had permission for HTTP login but didn't make a difference)


Logging in via SSH I get the following system message:

"The contents of the root volume may have changed and the local management configuration may be inconsistent and/or the local management databases may be out of sync with the replicated databases. This node is not fully operational. Contact support personnel for the root volume recovery procedures"


Can anyone point me in the right direction to start troubleshooting? I see in the KB an article to restore the system via serial connection, but there are licenses on the machine and we'd like to preserve those if at all possible. The actual data on disk doesn't make much difference, though.



Hi there!


If there's an issue of that sort, the cluster services won't start, meaning the web interface won't start.


Is there anyway you can upload a photo showing the back of the controllers? Ideally with the disk shelves too.  How long was the system powered off?


Thanks for the quick response!


Here's the diagram I was given and referenced plugging it all back together. I can take an actual picture tomorrow as well. It was powered off for approximately 4 days as far as I can tell.




That looks correct.


Unfortunately this is a very tricky issue to resolve.


The most likely cause is that the system was powered off without being shut down properly. This has left the RAID labels "dirty" and an off-time of more than 72 hours means built in battery has run out and the NVRAM Log (NVLOG) has been jettisoned, meaning RAID recovery is required.


The other alternative is that during shipping or due to power off time, a number of drives have died, causing the aggregate to become unrecoverable.  Check for orange lights or no green lights at power on time.


I will send you a message with some more in-depth troubleshooting steps