ONTAP Hardware

FAS8080 Controllers


 the controller on the FAS 8080 Systems, is there such thing as protocol keys as part of the controllers? Supposedly, when you replace a controller and do not include the protocol keys on the controller, it will not function. This first time I am hearing of such. Can someone give insight on this? Thanks in advance



The license keys should be recreated. A non-technical case is made when a motherboard is replaced in a RMA, so this should update the internal system. I believe the license keys if needed are part of this. If you have any problems you can contact the support engineer and/or account team.


Well, there are license keys for 'protocols" (ex- CIFS/NFS/ISCSI/FC etc). Also, could you elaborate on - "it will not function" ? What do you mean here. 


I haven't done replacing controller myself so can't answer this question, but as I read :

You must install new licenses for the replacement node if the impaired node was using ONTAP features that require a standard (node-locked) license.



I guess someone in forum will correct me here.

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