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FC card offline - how can I bring it online


Dear all,


I have a FAS3220 runing NetApp Release 8.2.5P1 7-Mode. Slot 2 in the controller has a QLogic card in it but the card is offline:

slot 2: Fibre Channel Target Host Adapter 2a
(QLogic 2532 (2562) rev. 2, <OFFLINED BY USER/SYSTEM>)
Board Name: QLE2562
Serial Number: BFD1248F51482
Firmware rev: 5.8.0
Preload Rev: 3.3.2
Host Port Addr: 000000
FC Nodename: 50:0a:09:80:88:d1:d5:03 (500a098088d1d503)
FC Portname: 50:0a:09:81:88:d1:d5:03 (500a098188d1d503)
Connection: No link
Switch Port: Unknown
SFP Vendor Name: FINISAR CORP. (Warning: SFP info not updated when port is OFFLINE)
SFP Vendor P/N: FTLF8528P3BCV-QL
SFP Vendor Rev: A
SFP Serial No.: PNB3X2F
SFP Connector: LC
SFP Capabilities: 2, 4, 8 Gbit/Sec
I/O base 0x00000000ffffff00, size 0x100
memory mapped I/O base 0xded00000, size 0x4000


The card show up in the ucadmin command:


FAS3220> ucadmin show
Current Current Pending Pending Admin
Adapter Mode Type Mode Type Status
------- ------- --------- ------- --------- -------
0c fc initiator - - offline
0d fc initiator - - offline
2a fc target - - offline
2b fc target - - offline
3a fc initiator - - offline
3b fc initiator - - offline
3c fc initiator - - offline
3d fc initiator - - offline


How can I bring the card online again ? 


Best regards,


Johnny Begood.



Can you bring it online with the "storage enable adapter 2a" command?








Thanks for your reply. The problem is that FC adapter 2a is not visible in the output of 'storage show adapter'. So maybe I need a deeper level in the NetApp firmware to enable the adapter. Do you have an idea ?


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Our issue with a QLogic 2432 was the "type" wasn't specified: "fcadmin offline <card>" fcadmin config -t target <card>", reboot. Yours does show the type but I thought this mnight lead you somewhere in troubleshooting. Cards still don't show in "storage show adapter" for whatever reason but they do function and show in "sysconfig -a". We have V3240's with 8.2.2 in a lab