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FCP Connectivity Between FAS 2020 and Sunfire X4100M2 Running ESX


I'm having problems trying to connect a FAS 2020 to a Sunfire X4100M2 equipped with a qlogic 2462 HBA.  I've configured volumes, LUNs and igroups on my FAS 2020, but the server's vmware Infrastructure Client cannot find the FAS 2020 FCP ports and I don't have any connectivity.  Also to state the obvious, I'm very new to the FCP world.  I've mapped the FAS 2020 FCP ports to the server (with igroups); do I have to map the server's FCP ports to the FAS? 



Is there a FC switch between the host and the FAS 2020?

Have you configured zoning on the FC switch?


The FAS 2020 is directly connected to the server's HBA FC ports.


do I have to map the server's FCP ports to the FAS? 


You need to create an igroup on the FAS that contains the node WWNs of the server and then use the lun map command to present the LUN to the members of the igroup.


This is what so confusing about this issue, I've created the volumes, igroups (with WWPNs), LUN maps, and set up the FAS 2020 FCP ports as target ports.  I connected the FAS and the server  with a crossover fiber cable and it's as if the server and FAS 2020 are not connected at all, but when I loop the fiber ports on the FAS (0a to 0b) they show as connected.  Also when I loop the fiber ports on the server (port 1 to port 2), the links on the server show they're connected.  Could it be that my SFP modules are incompatible?  Thank you for your reply.


I am guessing the FC ports on your FAS are still configured as initiators (for shelf use).

They need to be target ports.

fcadmin config -t target 0a

fcadmin config -t target 0b

This change requires a reboot of the controller.

If this is an active/active system, do the same on the other controller.

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That's one of the first things I checked when I couldn't bring the link up.  This issue is very confusing.  Thank you for your post.


I figured out that all SFP modules are not compatable with all HBAs especially when your server HBA is of the multi-mode fiberoptic type and your FAS 2020 has a couple of single-mode SFP modules.  That is the reason for my connectivity issue; the server HBA and FAS 2020 SFP modules were incompatable.  I'd like to thank everyone for assisting me with this issue.