ONTAP Hardware

Failed to build FCAL map !!


Hi Admins,

Today morning I got below cluster error,


"Fibre Channel adapter driver encountered error "Failed to build FCAL map" on adapter 0b.

takeover attempted after multi-disk failure on partner

No sparecore disk was found."

I am using 270 filer in cluster mode and os is 7.3.2

What 'll be the issue.

Thanks in advance.





In all likelyhood something went wrong hardware-wise. The FCAL map is (re)built every time a disk gets removed or inserted. The fact that you are getting a failure on one adapter, and that you experienced a multi-disk failure points to a hardware problem with a shelf or shelf module. So basically you suffered from a major outage of some kind.

Perhaps a power-cycle might get the shelf back to life, could even be firmware related if you still have an older firmware on one of your shelves. I would advise you to contact support or get someone more experienced to look at your system. You definitely cannot be running cluster mode on a FAS270 on 7.3.2. You probably mean you have an HA pair 🙂

Best regards