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HA configuration validation


Hi All


The environment I am working on has regular HA failed over issue, it is 7 Mode environment here are the two type have the most trouble (FAS3160 / 8.1.2P3 & FAS2040 /

I am try to find out the HA configuration and make sure they are valid and due to the environment I am working, I am not allow to any tool like config advisor or HA config checker etc.

Is there any way I can check and validate the HA configuration?  I have look rc file and everywhere under etc share, but I am not sure where to look? 



It is not clear - is takeover successful or not? If it is successful, your HA configuration is obviously OK and you need to troubleshoot what is causing takeover.


Why cant you run config advisor.  That's what the tool is for...


I am very new to netapp world, sorry for the missing info.  The takeover has been successful each time, but due to how frequently this is occuring.  I like to validate the HA config first before I move on to other area to investigate the cause.  Due to the environment I am not allow to use any tool to validate it, so is there any place i can check the config (any config file or System manager Network/HA config etc) to check and validate the setting ?


Again - if takeover was successful, HA configuration is OK (at least to extent you need it). Takeover does not happen because of HA problems - HA problems may cause failures in takeover, not takeover itself. You need to investigate why takeover happens.