ONTAP Hardware

HUGE Root Aggr on FAS 2552


FAS 2552 / cDOT 9.3 / (24)  1.2TB Drives = 12 per controller


I have wiped the system with version 9.3. I ran option 9a, destroyed all partitions and then ran 9b to wipeconfig with disk partitioning.

After the long wipe process i booted up, did the initial CLI config, built the cluster then logged into the Web Interface.


The Root aggr 0, and 1 are 1.44TB each.

I have just wiped 4 of the identical systems, and none are nearly this size.


How would i destroy the configs, and redo this one to use a lot less space






I would try Option 9 operations, again. (You will need to copy off your data, if you have any on the system)


It's important to run the Option 9 options serially for each partner... 9a node 1, then 9a node 2. 9b node 1, then 9b node 2.


Ref: FAQ: ONTAP Boot Menu Option 9 (Configure Advanced Drive Partitioning)



Hi there, are you able to confirm that the disks have been partitioned ? i.e. ::> disk show and ::> node run <node name> disk show ?


Do you have any data on this system currently ? If not you can blow it away, unown all disks within the partition menu. The system will then own the disks (odd numbered disks go to one node and even numbered disks go to the other node), partition the disks, zero them and install the OS. This will then give you root and data partitions on each disk making the root aggregate quite small as opposed to using the full disk size.


I've documented the full procedure here: https://www.sysadmintutorials.com/netapp-ontap-9-configure-advanced-drive-partitioning/


WARNING: However make sure the system is completely empty i.e. no data on it or the data that is currently on it is no longer needed. As everything will be destroyed!!