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Help needed: FAS940 loosing TCP/IP settings upon reboot


Hi Guys,


I would really appreciate some help here.


I have 2 clustered FAS940s with software version

If I reboot either of these, IP address will be lost and I have to re-enter.


I don't believe this happened when software was at 7.2.5 level,



Any ideas why this is happening?


Thank you,





Check your /etc/rc file as that's where VIF/IP info is stored -- "rdfile /etc/rc" on the filer console or get in via CIFS.

If you don't have the correct lines in there, you can rerun "setup" from the console (note the warnings about which files get reset) or can edit /etc/rc manually to add the correct lines.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for reply,

I checked the file and attached the screenshot,

I do not see IP address reference for e11a interface (this is the one that supposed to have it),

Please check attached file and let me know how should I modify it,

(Thing is, that I checked working good production storage and I do not see interface IP in this file either...),




You're right....and I was typing too fast. /etc/rc is where VIFs are defined.

If you know what the settings should be on the box, "setup" from the console would be the easiest way to fix it (walks through you a script with options to leave existing settings in place and/or change them).

If this is a critical box, I would recommend calling support though.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you,

Your suggestion to run "setup" seems to fix the problem,

I rebooted both heads a few times and they do keep TCP/IP addresses now.

(Wish I could find out why they were loosing settings before.., oh well)

Thanks again!



Great....glad to hear that did the trick.


Hi Guys

The bit where it says `hostname`-e11 in /etc/rc means "get the hostname and stick -e11 on the end then look that up in /etc/hosts". As with Unix/Linux, in certain places ONTAP allows command substitution. So, you need to look at both /etc/rc and /etc/hosts.

This is the default behaviour for ONTAP. You can also use IP addresses directly in /etc/rc.

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Hey ya'll,

Thanks for explanation of the 'hostname' variable in the /etc/rc file.  I was wondering about that.  Running the DOT simulator, my IPs were also not surviving reboots.  Turns out this post led me to my answer.  I had changed interface group names (from ifgroup to ifgrp) and didn't change the /etc/hosts file to match that which was in the /etc/rc file.