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Host does not see FCP LUN mapped from v3140


Very similar problem to http://communities.netapp.com/message/43282, but I DO see the HBAs logged in on the filer:

Vfiler-1> igroup show -v

    VMhost9 (FCP):

        OS Type: vmware

        Member: 21:00:00:24:ff:23:4b:40 (logged in on: 0b, vtic)

        Member: 21:00:00:24:ff:23:4b:41 (logged in on: 0b, vtic)

Further, I have the iGroup mapped to a LUN:

Vfiler-1> lun show -v    

        /vol/VMHost1BFS/root        20.0g (21428699136)   (r/w, online, mapped)

                Comment: "Boot from SAN for VMHost1"

                Serial#: W-P8dJgKNTzg

                Share: none

                Space Reservation: enabled

                Multiprotocol Type: vmware

                Maps: VMhost9=0

The host refuses to see the LUN.  The goal is to use this LUN as a boot partition for the host, but for testing purposes, I have installed VMware (ESXi 4.1) to local storage.  Initiating a scan of the Storage Adapter returns quickly, but doesn't result in any found devices.

I have a FAS 270c connected to the same fabric, which works as expected.

What further information can I provide to help in finding a solution?



For anyone who comes upon this message looking for anwers:

The resolution was to enable zoning on the FC switches.  Oddly enough, even though the initiator was logged into the Filer, it (and two others that I tested with) would not "see" the LUNs until zoning was enabled.

My thanks go to Sarah and Vincent with NetApp support for their assistance with this vexing problem.


What make and model of switch are you using in this case?


The host connects to a Cisco UCS 6120 Fabric interconnect.  The FAS3140 connects to a Cisco MDS 9124.  The Fas270c (which worked before zoning and continues to work afterwards is on a MDS 9120.  Both the UCS 6120 and the 9120 connect to the 9124.

So the data path that required zoning was QLogic initiator -> UCS 6120 -> MDS 9124 -> FAS 3140.

The data path that did not require zoning was QLogic initiator -> UCS 6120 -> MDS 9124 -> MDS 9120 -> FAS 270c.