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Netapp Triaining Videos


Hello Community,

I am getting a Netapp 3020 and would like to get myself up to speed with managing it.

Does anyone know of good free training videos or easy step by step guides?

I just want to be ready to configure it from scratch once it arrives. It should only have the 7.3 Tap version installed.

Thanks everyone in advance!



This is not all specific to your question, but the following courses are currently available for free as part of a promotion:

Introduction to NetApp Products

Data ONTAP 8.0.1: New Features

FAS3200/ V3200 Series Architecture and Configuration

FAS3200/ V3200 Series Troubleshooting

FAS6200/ V6200 Series Architecture and Configuration

FAS6200/ V6200 Series Troubleshooting

FAS2000 Series Hardware Maintenance

FAS3100 Series Hardware Maintenance

FAS6000 Series Hardware Maintenance

Performance Acceleration Module Hardware Maintenance

High Availability on Data ONTAP 7.3

SnapMirror Disaster Recovery

SnapMirror Planning and Implementation

Technical Overview of System Manager 1.0

Course descriptions can be found here: