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Hot Add DS14MK4 on DOT 8.1


Hi All

We are migrating to a 3240 on DOT8.1. The new system will have SAS shelves (DS4243) in production and thus, cannot afford downtime. We have older shelves (DS14 with ESH4 and AT-FCX) which will then be added to the 3240. The disks will likely be zeroed and ownership removed from the old system prior to adding to the 3240. We will then create the aggregate on the new system

1. Since we do not have any existing FCP loop, can we hot add these shelves to the 3240 live? I know hot-adding disk shelves works on an existing loop but not sure whether this is possible on a new loop

2. If yes, any special steps on how the shelf should be added e.g. should the shelf be added loop by loop ie loop A first to one controller node and terminating to the partner node, then start loop B

Thanks for your comments!



1. Yes, you can

2. I think usual praxis is - connect primary channel (beginning of stack) to each head first, then secondary channel (end of stack). But I do not think it really matters.


Thanks for your comments on this