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How do i reload a NetApp FAS2020


I have never gone through any training for NetApp and I need to figure this out. Can someone shed some light on this situation?    



Here is a link on NOW website: http://now.netapp.com/NOW/knowledge/docs/hardware/NetApp/cs_migration/FAS2xxx/FAS2020_to_FAS2040_controller_single/GUID-8AA3FC43-600B-4DA4-93F8-5ED0EB...

Your best bet is to ask your NetApp support engineer to walk you through the process the first time.




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I like your stlye, just have a go.  Crazy man!

If you have a valid support contract you can download the DoT software in case the system does not like teaching you about NetApp SANs.  There is also a NetApp simulator available for download so you can try before you break your FAS2020.  Just search here for simulator for details.

To run setup again, reboot your filer with a serial cable terminal session.  Ctrl-C to get into the start up menu and happy days.  The DoT software is on both the disks and CF card if you want to risk running setup again but high risk.

Recommend you learn more first or at least call NetApp support.

Hope this helps



Melendez -

We'd love to see you in a NetApp Instructor Led Training Class to give you some knowledge !

As Brendon mentioned, if you have a valid support account at mysupport.netapp.com, there's lots of support available.

This support includes access to the documentation, including the Upgrade Guides, and the MyAsup upgrade advisor tool.

(We teach this stuff in class.)

There's also access to many Web Based Training (WBT) courses you can take.

These are currently no-charge for valid support account customers.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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