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Implementing Quota in AD enviroenment


Hello everyone,

we have netapp that is Active Directory Joined. A volume is commisioned to to AD as its Z drive. Now the requirement is, implement user level quota on this volume so that no user can exceed its lets say 5 gb limit.

My question is

1. How can i implement quota rule that will apply to all the users in AD or do i have to add rules for each user individually.?
2. Do i have to map Windows z drive users in usermap.cfg file.?? is it necessary in quota implementation ?

Waiting for your kind response.




Sounds like you need to brush up on your netapp skills. 

Are you using the cifs_homedir.cfg file?

Each qtree requires a quota which can be managed from the quota commands and easily automated.


just realized after implementing the quota that it really was an entry level question. Just added * in user/group field in /etc/quotas file to implement quota on all the users in AD accessing that specific volume.