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Interesting vol0 space issue



I have a V3140-R5 running Ontap 7.3 and am having an issue with the reported space used by vol0.

Vol0 is 14GB in size, df -h is showing 13GB used (~92%), but browsing \\asinfpna021\c$ from a windows host, it only adds up to just less than 1GB.

Snapshots are using 1GB out of a 3GB reserve. There is no data in the crash directory.

There was some diagnositc logging turned on for 2 tapes drives (mt -f nrst2/3a diag 1) and for ndmp (ndmpd debug 70) for about a fortnight, but this has been turned off.

Guarantee is volume. Volume is a flexvol (default settings I believe)

Anyone know where to find the missing 12GB?

Also, if vol0 gets to 100%, does anyone know if the filer will suffer a panic?


Kirk Brady



Hi Kirk,

That is odd.  I suggest you open a case (just do it online through NOW.netapp.com).  Once you get a case number, send a manual Autosupport (from cli:  options autosupport.doit case#)

I'd go ahead and resize your snap reserve to give youself a little more headroom in the interim. "snap reserve vol0" to see what it is currently, "snap reserve vol0 10" to set it to %10.

Good luck!

Dan Isaacs

TME V-Series




Hi Dan,

Thanks for that - there is already an open case I was just wandering if anyone had also come up against it

Snap reserve at the moment is set to 20% - just over 3GB. However, it is only using a fraction of that space. Lowering the snap reserve shouldnt bring back 12GB of space should it? there isnt 12GB of existing snaps!