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Is it Quantum i80 able to work with EMC networker backup tool through FAS3140A?


If we propose to use i80 LTO5 tape library for EMC networker 7.5 to backup data by NDMP in Netapp (DataONTAP 7.3.3.) throuhg FC connection. Is this interoperability ok?

Anyone have related experiences? Please advise.



Two different questions...

Is the Quantum drive implemented in the tape device config file ?

It looks like it, as with the other branded Ultrium drives. see http://now.netapp.com/NOW/download/tools/tape_config/.

Will Networker invoke backups on the filer  ?

I tried to do a deep dive on the issue the other week. It seems native 'dump' and 'restore' operations can be invoked with NDMP, but I did not find support

for invoking Snapmirror to tape from Networker. I got a bounce when I tried to email the NDMP support team with the question.

I do not have working experience with this configuration.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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Yes, the Quantum Scalar i80 with LTO-5 Fibre Channel is supported for the configuration in question.

As a matter of fact, LTO-5 in the Quantum Scalar i80 library (and i40 library) is supported in EMC Netwroker 6.5.1 version and higher.


Kieran Maloney

Quantum Corp.