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Is there a description of environment sensors ?


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we want to monitor the NetApp sensors for temperatures, fans etc.. The data of the FAS systems are read out with Powershell (Invoke-NcSystemApi), written to an InfluxDB and graphically processed with Grafana - that works. But
* is there somewhere a detailed description, which sensor is responsible for what?
* how do I get the corresponding data from E-Series systems?


Any idea?


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as described above, I already collect the data of all sensors via PowerShell and prepare them graphically with Grafana;  so of course I know the CLI command "::> system node environment sensors show -instance".


What I am missing is the exact meaning of the sensors, which sensor is responsible for what? There are a lot of sensors for temperature, voltage, current etc. depending on the hardware.


  • Which are the most important sensors?
  • Is there any hardware documentation about it?
  • For example, how can I calculate the current power consumption (watts) with which sensors (at any time,  night or under heavy load)? - I know that there is information about "Watts Typical", "Watts Worst" etc. in the Hardware Universe, but that is not enough.


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Depending on the chassis environment you're looking at there are KBs that will tie in sensor ID's with a location on the chassis (e.g. https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Systems/FAS_Systems/How_to_map_NS224_shelf_elements_to_physical_locations_within_the_she...)