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List contents of a volume


I have a volume on a FAS 2040 that I think can be deleted but I need to verify something.  The volume is configured for 305Gb and 302Gb is un used according to FilerView as well as System Manager.  No LUNs are attached to it but at somepoint i think there may have been.  How can I find out what that 3Gb of data is?  Do I create a CIFS share to the root of this volume or is there another way to do this?  Thanks for the tips in advance.



You can also create an NFS Export and browse through the files by mounting the volume to a host.


Hey Arun,

Could you be more specific (probably some step-by-step instruction) as to how I could create an NFS Export. I am new in this area and I hope you could help me.



If you have systemmanager and you create volume through it, it automatically creates an export.

If you have created volume in filer, then login to filer view "http://ip/na_admin"

select filerview

Select NFS -> Add export -> follow the instructions, make read write, also change anonymous user = 0 .

Once the export is created, it can be accessed through :  "filerip:/vol/<exported_volume"





Did you get this?

You can also do from cli. See the steps below:

sin> vol create volexp aggr1 50m

Creation of volume 'volexp' with size 50m on containing aggregate

'aggr1' has completed.

say now i have vol volexp.

I create an export:

sin> exportfs -p anon=0 /vol/volexp

The export should so as follows:

[root@shoemaker-rhel6x64-01 /]# ssh sin exportfs | grep -i volexp

root@sin's password:

/vol/volexp     -sec=sys,rw,anon=0

Mount the volume and browse the files:

[root@shoemaker-rhel6x64-01 /]# mount sin.rtp.netapp.com:/vol/volexp /mnt/exported

[root@shoemaker-rhel6x64-01 /]# cd /mnt/exported/

[root@shoemaker-rhel6x64-01 exported]# ls

[root@shoemaker-rhel6x64-01 exported]# df .

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on


                         40960        64     40896   1% /mnt/exported

Hope this is useful.




When creating the NFS Export of 305GB volume of which only 3GB of data is actually there, how much room will i need available to do this? Will this create something that is 305Gb or 3Gb? or will it just create a path so that i can navigate to the current location?


You don't need any room on your host. It just mounts the 305 gb volume on your host as a new disk. you can navigate to that path.

Just try this out. If you hit any error, you can paste it here.