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Logical replication tool - Snapvaulted Qtree - How to ???


Greetings people.

I have two HA file systems (FAS2040) that are snapvaulted to the filer03 (FAS2040).

One of the HA Filers has in couple of week grown a CIFS volume, and the share is grown by a TB.

Over my slow WLAN link the job from source qtree to a destination cannot be copied.

It stops saying that there is no bandwith available there.

I have reading a little about the LREP tool that is latest supported by 2010 year.

With this tool , could I owerwrite the snapvault copy of a baseline copy to an external USB HDD , and then bring it back to the location that I need to have it.

Could someone that has more experience with this issue writte me a couple of steps?

THanks in advance.